How to Choose the Perfect Blinds for Your Living Room

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Decorating your living room is a fun and creative process that allows you to explore your taste by using different colors, textures, and pieces of furniture until you get the look you love.

An important aspect of any living room in any household is how much sunlight there is. A great way to control how much light you want to let in is by using specific sets of blinds to better suit your needs.

Here are some additional aspects you should consider so you end up with the perfect blinds for your living room.


One of the key factors that will determine what kind of blinds end up in your living room is the level of privacy you want to achieve. If your window is facing away from prying eyes, then you don’t have a problem.

However, if you want some privacy and want to let the sunshine in, here are some options, you should consider.

Venetian blinds are a good choice because they have a system that makes them opaque for viewers but permeable to light. An alternative to these blinds is any kind of voile fabric that blocks views in from the reverse, so remember to put them up at night.

Window Shape

Another aspect that will shift you towards a specific set of blinds for your living room is the shape and size of your windows. Wide windows, or the ones with a sliding glass door, vertical blinds are the best options.

If you have narrow windows, on the other hand, horizontal blinds will look the best on them.

It’s very important to choose blinds by the direction that the window faces. To be more specific, if your windows are facing towards the west or south, blinds that are lighter in color will work the best, and they will also help reduce the solar heat during the summertime.


Another thing to bear in mind before ordering any kind of blinds is to always check what their price is. More often than not, people find themselves with perfect blinds in mind and get disappointed when they find out they are twice over their budget.

If you’re looking to save up, or at least not break the bank, vertical blinds have a reasonable price and will offer vertical strips for additional light control variations. Another solution could be to buy faux wood blinds instead of the real wooden blinds.

However, if you’re looking for a luxurious set of blinds, roman blinds are the way to go.

Choose a Type

After you’ve decided how big your budget will be for a set of blinds, it’s time to review which types there are to choose from. Vertical blinds offer the most sunlight blocking. Wooden blinds and faux wood blinds give a striking finish.

As the experts from suggest, Roman blinds add the most sophistication to your home and should be used for elegant living rooms. Roller blinds are usually made of a blackout material, which is ideal if you want to get a good night’s sleep.

Aluminum blinds are essentially Venetian blinds made out of aluminum, and they provide utmost privacy. Skylight blinds are also a great option to make your home more unique.

Match Your Style

There’s no need to mention all the existing styles of living rooms, as they greatly vary from household to household and the taste of their owners. You should, however, pick the blinds that match the style of your specific living room.

Keep in mind that as a general rule of thumb, there should be three main colors in your living space, so be sure to pick the right color of the blinds. Another thing to consider is that you can make blinds the focal point of your living room, especially if you choose a bold design that stands out among your other furniture.

Lighting Control

One of the most common reasons why people decide to own blinds is to prevent excess sunlight from coming into their homes. How much light you want to let in will decide what kind of blinds are perfect for you.

Many types of blinds have a blackout lining, so when you put them over your windows, they will not let any sunlight in. If this is not what you’re looking for, opt for blinds that have an inherently lighter and more porous fabric.

Picking the blinds that let a specific amount of sunlight in your home depends on your preferences.

Combine with Curtains

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Sunlight is a crucial element for every home, especially in your living room. However, some people like to have the option of shutting the light completely. This is when you should consider combining roller blinds with curtains.

Using these two in tandem will not only be beneficial for you if you want a darker room, but it will also be aesthetically pleasing as there is a good balance between the softness of curtains and the roughness of blinds.

Dark collared blinds look very well with light-colored rooms but should not be combined with dark curtains. On the other hand, the combination of curtains and blinds that are both lighter in color is a great option.


Shutters technically don’t fall under the category of blinds, however, they are a worthy mention because of the many benefits they have. They are easy to clean, they are also very food at moderating light, and they look good both from inside and outside of the house.

Shutters also play a great role in insulating your home as they trap the heat inside during wintertime and keep your home cool during summer.

A less thought of aspect of shutters is that they could come in hand if your place is the target of burglars because shutters create a very noisy barrier that will certainly make the burglar’s job harder.

Many aspects determine which kind of blinds work best for you. However daunting it may seem at first, it’s quite easy and insightful to have as many tips as possible.

Choosing the perfect blinds for your living room will surely be an easy task once you have all the deciding factors in mind.

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