Beat The Heat: Preparing For Warmer Weather in 2020

Beat The Heat: Preparing For Warmer Weather girl with picnic basket and dog on a hot day hampersandhiccups

While we may still be battling through the last ravages of winter, spring is on the horizon, and thus it won’t be long until the sun is shining and the mercury rises accordingly. As welcome as the sunshine and heat may be initially, before long, the downsides of hot spring and summer weather will soon make themselves apparent. If you want to ensure you can enjoy the warmer weather when it arrives, it’s well worth taking a few preparatory steps now, such as…

Warm weather prep for… you

  • Warmer Weather woman wearing sun hat in summerThe ability to stay adequately hydrated is vital throughout the summer months, so it may be worth investigating ideas that can help you to drink more water so you can build the habit before the hot weather arrives.
  • The fabrics you use – both in terms of clothing and bed linens – are crucial during summer, with light, natural fabrics such as cotton are far preferable to polyester or blending fabrics.
  • Preparing a meal from scratch can be torturous in summer, especially if you have to spend a long time cutting, chopping, and arranging in an already-hot kitchen. It’s therefore worth preparing a few meals now, while cooking is still a pleasant activity, and freezing them; when summer arrives, you can simply defrost each meal as and when needed, which allows you to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen.

Warm weather prep for… your home

  • Thermal blinds can be an absolute lifesaver during the summer months, ensuring that your home stays cool even when the sun is at its very hottest.
  • Even with thermal blinds, you will likely need electronic temperature control of some sort, so either opt for a new HVAC installation or have your existing system serviced to ensure all is working as it should.
  • Bugs and insects can be a real issue during the warmer months, so now is a great time to look to install screens over windows and doors. To the same end, it’s also worth inspecting the outside of your home and filling any cracks in the brickwork with expanding foam to further deter critter invasions.

Warm weather prep for… your pets

  • Hydration is also an essential consideration for pets, so investing in a dedicated pet water fountain is a great way to encourage your four-legged friends to drink all summer long.
  • Another important consideration regarding the risk of dehydration is food and, in particular, kibble. Kibble is convenient for you and nutritionally beneficial for your pets, but it’s also dry, which can make it all the harder for your pets to stay hydrated. Consider slowly adjusting your pet to wet food before the warm weather arrives, even if it’s just for one meal per day.
  • All pets who spend time in direct sunlight are susceptible to burns, with their ears particularly vulnerable; it’s therefore worth asking your vet for recommendations on a sunscreen that you can apply during the hottest parts of the day.

In conclusion

By following the steps above now, you can look forward to making the most of the warm weather when it arrives, with the downsides of hot weather already well in hand.

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