Baby Cries in Car Seat: 9 Ways to Calm Your Ride


If you're a new parent, it feels like the end of the world is about to occur if your child is crying as you drive down the road.

You are worried because of your baby crying, and you are also concerned with being distracted while driving. New parents always freak out, and, understandably, you don't want to hear your baby crying, but the first thing that you must do is stay calm.

You must understand that a baby has a limited ability to communicate, and their crying is only them talking to you.

This article's goal is to put your mind at ease while giving you actionable tips that you can use when your baby is crying, and you're driving down the road.

Take a Whiff and Smell If Your Baby's Diaper Needs Changed


Your nose doesn't lie, and it will tell you if your baby's diaper is in bad need of being changed. If you smell a soiled diaper, you might have to find a place to change it.

If you're traveling a long distance more than a few minutes, changing the diaper will be a must.

Some gas stations will have baby changing stations, but if you don't see anything like that, usually big box stores have them.

Don't be shy about going into the store without the intention of buying anything. Go in and change your baby's diaper so that you can continue your trip or outing in peace.

Turn on Some Music and Sing Along

You might not realize it, but your baby could be bored. Imagine what you would feel like if you were sitting back, feeling restless but there is nothing to do.

Turning on some music and singing will provide some much-needed entertainment that could make the road trip more enjoyable for your baby.

Crack the Window Open to Create a Little White Noise


Have you ever been in a situation where the silence was deafening?

If so, you know what it feels like for your baby to sit in the back seat without any noise. Crack the window open slightly to create a white noise of fact that will cut through the silence.

You don't want to open the window too much to create a draft that will make your baby cold.

Check the Temperature inside Your Car


The temperature inside of a car can fluctuate greatly depending on the weather conditions outside.

You might feel very cold and turn the heat up full blast to get the chill off you. Sometimes drivers can forget that day have the heat on high, making the entire car hot.

If it is summer, the vehicle might be hot, and turning on the air conditioner will alleviate the situation.

Temperature control is a must, and it is something that you need to keep in the back of your mind while you're driving.

The best practice is to try to keep the inside of your car as close to room temperature as possible.

Try Your Best to Distract Your Baby Using Objects Such as Keys or Books


If there is someone else with you in the car, distracting the baby using something such as keys or a favorite toy can ease their crying.

It's best to keep something that you know will work in the car to distract your baby if they're crying so that you can be prepared for these situations. You know that at some point while you're driving, your baby will eventually become grumpy and start to cry.

There is no way to avoid your baby crying at all times while driving, so you must prepare for it in advance by having something ready that will distract them.

Use Cartoons as a Last Resort

Cartoons and videos are one of the first ways that parents get their babies to stop crying while traveling in the car (or mini-van!).

The reason why cartoons should be the last resort is because of the addictive nature of electronics. Your baby will see the smartphone or tablet as immediate gratification that solves all of their problems right away.

You want to avoid your baby staring at a screen for as much as you possibly can.

Showing your baby cartoons or YouTube videos for short periods is okay until they stop crying. The moment that the crying stops is when you need to remove the videos and give them something else to do.

Gas May Be One of the Reasons Why Your Baby Is Crying


If your baby is experiencing gas, it's something that you have to accept.

It is difficult for parents to know if the baby is crying because they are bored or if it is gas. If you try to do all of these things and nothing seems to help, it is a high probability that gas is making your baby cry.

There isn't much that you can do while driving to solve the problem of the gas pains your baby is experiencing.

Their World Isn't Coming to an End Because Your Baby Is Crying


If there is one takeaway from all of this, just because your baby is crying doesn't mean the world is about to end.

New parents often feel as if they need to stop the crying immediately, or something terrible will happen. After a couple of years or having a few children, you will realize that babies cry, and you need to identify why your baby is crying.

If your baby is bored, the crying is different than if there is some pain or discomfort. By identifying the cause of the crying you can remedy it more quickly.

Stay Calm and Keep Focused on the Road While Driving

It seems like you have an impossible task when you're driving as your baby is crying. You have to separate your emotions from your other duties as a driver to keep you safe.

If your baby is crying uncontrollably and interfering with your driving, you must pull over and address the situation immediately.

You can't allow your baby crying to distract you and to put both of your safety at risk. After a while, you'll learn that babies cry and accept a certain amount of crying as normal.