A Mindful Escape: Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space in 2020

Often, you can spend so long decorating the interior of your home; making it a cosy haven where you can display family memories and travel mementos, that it means that your garden space doesn’t get given much thought. A neglected outside space can become a little messy around the edges, and you’ll have no inclination to get out there and enjoy the fresh air. However, having somewhere calm, serene, and peaceful, to appreciate sun, nature, and get away from screens, is always going to be a positive element to your life. Those who take time out regularly to spend time outside, often give themselves the chance to clear their head after a busy, hectic, and stressful day or week. Therefore, a little TLC in your backyard space could be just what it needs to make it a haven and an environment that can be utilised by you and the whole family. The following are some ideas to help you to spruce up your patio and garden space, to ensure that it’s no longer neglected.

Update, Freshen, And Renovate

Taking your patio and backyard to an even higher level because you want to enjoy eating al fresco and use the space to entertain, is a great place to start. You could consider updating, building, and renovating your patio or decking area and investing in some new aluminium sliding doors so that your kitchen can lead onto the space with ease. Creating a beautiful patio space is another great way to section off an area that’s for nothing else but relax and spending quality time eating and enjoying the garden with loved one. A covered outdoor space will ensure that you can get outside and enjoy a BBQ come rain or shine; perfect for toasting marshmallows on cooler evenings, or a summer grill fest.

Building walls to section off areas to chill-out in and put up trellis or fencing to let the kids know where the grownups hang out, can make great surfaces for decorative climbing plants, like roses and sweet peas, too. Pergolas, gazebos, and summerhouses will also make a huge difference to how the backyard space is used. Consider looking into building a structure that can be enjoyed through every season and could double up as a storage solution, seating area, and a space to display plants pots and hanging baskets.  

Plant, Nurture, And Grow

Once you’ve tidied, sectioned off areas, and built the structures that you want in your garden; it’s the perfect time to start incorporating a variety of plants. There are plenty of options for the low-maintenance gardener, and you can always change pot plants and window boxes with ease. Trees and shrubs will bring plenty of decorative foliage to your borders and won’t need much looking after at all. If you’re feeling more adventurous; you could plant some fruit and vegetable so that you’ll have seasonal fresh ingredients to enjoy (perfect for bbq season). However you choose to adorn your garden space; ensure that it becomes an area that’s easy to enjoy, and you’ll have somewhere to appreciate mindful moments, or enjoy quality time with those you love the most.

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