Ultimate Gift Guide in 2020

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Ultimate Gift Guide 2017. Find inspiration for everyone on your Christmas List. Save time and money buying presents by grabbing ideas from this list. Ultimate Gift Guide 2017. Find inspiration for everyone on your Christmas List. Save time and money buying presents by grabbing ideas from this list.

As the Christmas season draws near, we're all busy thinking about gifts.  The stores are filled with tacky mugs and tasteless sweaters, urging you to make some much-regretted purchases for everyone on your list.  Commercials of expensive gadgets flood the TV.  All you want is to make your presents memorable and thoughtful.  Something the recipient will actually use and not just stuff in a closet never to be seen again.  Enter, The Ultimate Gift Guide.

I bet there's at least a couple individuals on your list who are notoriously hard to buy for.  Enter, The Ultimate Gift Guide.

If you started your shopping early, there's no doubt you still have a few gifts or stocking-stuffers to pick up.  Enter, The Ultimate Gift Guide.

Whether you're looking for gifts for kids, men, women, or trying to stay under budget, I've got an idea for you!  I've put together this MEGA list to give you some inspiration and motivation to get your shopping done before the rush gets real.

By knowing what you want to pick up, you'll be in and out of the store quick enough that you only have to listen to one awful rendition of “Jingle Bells”.

So grab your pen and paper and get list-ing.

Tips & Tricks

Before I get into the actual Ultimate Gift Guide, I thought I'd share some helpful ideas for this year.

  1. Consider going with a theme for the gifts you buy.  Think of a common element to tie everyone together.  This will help to keep you laser-focused when it comes to brainstorming and shopping.  Think hobbies, DIY, sports, etc.
  2. Look around at unconventional shops and markets.  All sorts of craft shows pop up in the fall and early winter to take advantage of the Christmas rush.  As you're wandering around, keep your list in mind.  Even if you don't pick up any quality handmade goods, you might find some inspiration from the different vendors.
  3. Commit to buying quality over quantity.  If you find one fabulous high-quality gift, it will be better than stuffing a bunch of cheap little things together just to make the present seem like more.  It will also be better appreciated!
  4. I mentioned the importance of a list before, and I'm sure I'll mention it again.  It is imperative to a successful shopping trip!  Stay on task and ahead of the game by making your list early so you're able to keep an eye out for sales, as well as research all the options.
  5. Start a tradition.  Make an effort to purchase or create something memorable that you can recreate each year.  Not only will the recipient be gifted with the product, but also a fond memory of you.

Ultimate Gift Guide for Kids

At first glance, kids are the easiest to buy for.  Grab a cute outfit, add the latest toy, throw a book on top and voila, you're done.

As a parent, let me tell you, this is not what kids want.  Or parents, for that matter.

Parents will appreciate most gifts of clothing.  A good idea is to ask what sizes and types of garments are needed at the time to prevent an overload of something the kids won't have the opportunity to wear.

As for the cheap toys?  Probably unnecessary.  Most kids have an over-abundance of plastic junk as it is.  Instead, opt for a really thoughtful present.  Consider the values of the family – minimalists, homemade, green, Christian.  If you're still really caught on the idea of giving a toy, ask the parent what they think the child would like to ensure he/she doesn't get a duplicate.

  1. Tickets to a show or event you know he/she has been asking about
  2. Passes to an amusement park, activity center or zoo
  3. Mail order book membership
  4. Sports or activity equipment – hockey, art, baseball, dance
  5. Educational gifts – puzzles, electrical circuit, learning games

Ultimate Gift Guide for The Hard-to-Buy-For Man

Does the man in your life have everything?  Does he have limited space for extra stuff?  Is he particularly particular about what he wears?

If thinking of what to get him makes your head spin try thinking outside the box.

  1. Subscription to Amazon Prime – it's not just free 2-day shipping, although that's pretty awesome, too!  There's a mega load of other exclusive content, too – stream videos with Prime Video, store photos with Prime Photos, discounts and early offers, plus Twitch Prime (gaming).
  2. Hobby Membership – gun club, fishing license, gym access (be careful with that last one!)
  3. Beer Making Kit
  4. Custom Phone Case, Samsung Cases
  5. Man Cave or Man Cave Renovation

Ultimate Gift Guide for The Hard-to-Buy-For Woman

Is this lady someone who is constantly disappointed with her gifts?  Is it always not quite right – wrong brand, wrong size, wrong style?  Maybe she doesn't want gifts at all, but instead is hinting at experiences or help.

  1. Google Home
  2. Spa Certificate (Massage, pedicure, manicure) or Weekend Getaway
  3. Cleaning or Interior Decorating Service
  4. Clothing or Shoe Service Membership –  Stitch Fix, JustFab
  5. Gourmet Meal – Gift card or personal chef

Ultimate Gift Guide for Stocking Stuffers

Candy and chocolate are must-haves for any stocking, but what else can you stuff in there to make it a little more memorable and a lot less junky for kids and adults, alike?

  1. Colouring Book
  2. Family Coupon Book – Choose the movie, popcorn party, chore-free day, half hour late bedtime, extra TV time, etc.
  3. Donation in the recipient's name
  4. iTunes, Amazon, or Other Gift Card
  5. Special Jewelry

Ultimate Gift Guide Under $31

Christmas can get hella expensive hella fast.  Making a list, mapping out a budget and sticking to it is critical to prevent buyer's remorse and serious credit card abuse.  Inexpensive gifts don't have to be cheap!  Check out these quality ideas to stretch your dollar a little further.

Kids 0-3 Years

  1. Educational Toys – learning cube, stacking cups
  2. Handmade Gifts – Doll Cradle & Blankets, Fishing Rod Set
  3. Teething Toys
  4. “Real Life” Toys – groceries, broom, tools
  5. Toddler Class – swimming, mommy and me yoga

Kids 4-10 Years

  1. Lego
  2. Educational Toys
  3. Games – Matching, Bananagrams
  4. Science Experiments – Slime Kit, Bath Bombs
  5. Day Trip – zoo, amusement park

Kids 11-13 Years

  1. Games – Spirograph, Scrabble, Monopoly
  2. Custom Room Decor
  3. Go-Kart Racing
  4. Woodworking or Jewelry Kit
  5. Theater Night


  1. Night of Babysitting Service
  2. Photo Album, Framed Prints or Canvas
  3. Adult Games – Cards Against Humanity, The Game of Nasty Things
  4. Hobby Supplies – Card Making, Beer Kit Refill
  5. Cell Phone Accessories

Bonus Idea: Comprehensive Purging Guide e-Book

So there you have it!  40 ideas to complete this Ultimate Gift Guide.  Phew!  I hope I gave you some ideas and inspiration for this buying season, and maybe even in years to come.

This content was created by original creator of this website, Katelynn Hegedus.

Have you completed your shopping?  Any off-the-beaten-path ideas you'd like to share with me?  I'd love to hear about them!  Don't forget to pin this and follow me on Pinterest and Twitter!