Modern vs Classic: An Aesthetic Guide to Building Your New Home

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Everyone’s dream home is different. If you’re building with a partner, that can complicate your vision even more. It’s well worth thinking about your ideal aesthetic, no matter where you are in the building process. There are various architectural styles you could choose to draw inspiration from, for both the external and internal elements of your home. This also depends on your budget, the size of the home, and the restrictions of the neighbourhood.

Different builders offer very different designs, so it’s important to consider what various home builders have to offer. Some are quite simplistic, whereas some, such as these Sydney home builders, consider design to be paramount. This can help you establish the core structure of your aesthetic, but what about the rest? Read on for some valuable and often overlooked considerations…

Keeping it Classic

A classic style generally corresponds to traditional materials and more ornamented design. Brick, stone and timber are fairly timeless elements. Classic aesthetics offer a cosier feel, and appeals strongly to the concept of a ‘family home’ that for many is an ultimate goal. When it comes to more classic designs, a lot of the beauty is in the detail. However, this also frequently amplifies costs. The price of purchasing things of the appropriate era, alongside locating them in good condition can be quite difficult. Antique stores and online storefronts make this easier than ever, and if you’re willing to put in the time and effort you can secure a real steal. However, if they’re not local, shipping costs can add up quickly.

You might be the type of person who enjoys the process, but be aware that it can become rather drawn out, as luck plays a very major factor. Until everything is obtained and comes together harmoniously, you may need to leave things bare/in storage for extended periods. This can ultimately extend the process by a quite a lengthy spell. And what if something breaks? Often vintage elements will last longer, but they do wear out eventually. If they require maintenance, are there still people who can fix them? Items can always be replicated, but this brings a whole new range of considerations. What extent are you willing to go to for your ideal aesthetic?

Moderns Needs

Unlike classic styles, which are pretty much set in their ways, modern styles can often be altered far more easily. Moderns homes are generally much more ‘adaptable’ to various style preferences, due in part to what is generally a more minimalist design aesthetic. These offer a blank canvas for you to leave your mark on however you’re inclined, allowing the character of the home to reflect you and your changing needs.

Modern style homes are also generally more affordable and accessible. This is predominantly due to the affordability and accessibility of modern construction materials. Different builders and different neighbourhoods will have their own styles and restrictions, though, which you do need to keep in mind. You also have to take into consideration current design trends, and along with it, resale value. There are certain styles that have broad appeal, and some have specific appeal. However, certain styles, such as art deco, offer a great way to build classic style within a home, while still meeting modern sensibilities.

The Choice Is Yours

Building a home with all these considerations in mind can feel a bit overwhelming at first. But these are all things worth contemplating in advance, to save you headaches in the long run. Whether it’s modern, classic or a blend of both, it’s important to establish what you truly want to ensure you have the best chance of getting it.