Signs Lockdown Is Affecting Your Mental Health

mental health lockdown

The lockdown has been a strain on us all and it’s ok to admit it.  Our normal lives have been completely changed for almost a year now, and it’s bound to have an effect on our mental health.

Here are some tell-tale signs that you may need to reset and take some time to regroup.

You have no Daily Routine

Normally, our days are set out for us. Kids go to school at specific times, we need to catch buses or trains according to a timetable, and shops have certain opening hours.

If you have been home schooling, of course your day will be much different than before – and if you are working from home, there is bound to be some changes to your working pattern to fit everything you need to do in.

It is important to try and organise a daily routine like you normally would.  Otherwise, the days can all roll into one affecting your mental health.

Your Sleeping Pattern Has Been Affected

When your daily routine is out of whack, this will in turn impact your sleeping pattern.  Getting the right amount of sleep is critical to your mental health and is how we can function the next day.

If you have been up all night, then this is likely to cause further stress and anxiety which could turn into a vicious cycle. This Happy Beds article on insomnia in lockdown has more information on people experiencing insomnia during lockdown.

You are not alone, it’s an issue a lot of people are having!

You don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

sad lonely girl isolated stay at home in lockdown

It could be that you don’t have the energy to do things, and that simple tasks become much more daunting than they used to be.

If doing things like going for a walk, getting the weekly shop in, or making dinner become overwhelming for you – then it could be a sign that lockdown is getting to you.

Although it is more difficult to have social interactions at the moment, find ways to engage with your friends or family online to get more human connections.  We are all social beings, it’s important to continue to engage.

This is definitely a common complaint during lockdown – and although it’s understandable – if it’s a continual problem, it could be a sign that your mental health is being affected.

If you have noticed yourself putting on a lot of weight and indulging in food a lot more than you used to prior to lockdown, it might be time to take stock.

The same goes with drinking alcohol.  If you are opening more bottles of wine than normal or using alcohol as a way to pass the time, think about whether you are drinking too much.

If you recognise some of these issues, it could be a sign that lockdown is beginning to take its toll on your mental health, and you need to make some time for you.

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