How to Reduce Separation Anxiety In Your Dog for 2020

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Reduce Separation Anxiety In Your Dog beagle dog sits looking out the window waiting for owner hampersandhiccups

One of the best things about a dog is that, if you give them love, then they’ll return it ten-fold. However, while this is generally positive, there is one pretty big downside to it, and that is that they can suffer from pretty bad separation anxiety.

They love you so much that they can’t bear to be without you, or, at least, they can’t bear to be alone. Endearing in some ways, it quickly becomes a problem. However, it’s important to remember that this is an issue that can be managed. There is a possibility to reduce separation anxiety in your dog. Let's look at five ways below.

Take a Long Walk

If your dog is alert and energetic, then they’re going to be all too aware that they’re alone. If they’re lacking in energy, then their focus will be on getting some sleep. The same can be said for food; a hungry dog is going to be aware that there’s no-one around. A well-fed pooch will be more content. In the run-up to leaving, take them for a long walk, and make sure they’re not hungry (also that they’ve been to the bathroom).

Practice Being Alone

Separation Anxiety In Your Dog chocolate portuguese water dog pupply on blanketsWhy wait until you leave home to see how your dog reacts to being alone? This is something you can practice when you’re there. Put your pet in a room, and leave. It’s best to start small, at first, such as a couple of minutes, before slowly building up. It’ll help your dog get used to the idea that even though you’ve gone, it’s not as if you’re never coming back. It might seem like a small thing, but it’ll help when you need to leave the house for a longer period.

Create a Space

A dog that feels comfortable in their surroundings is less likely to feel anxious. Set them up with a comfortable bed in their favorite room of the house, and load it up with their favorite toys and other treats.

Treats and Calming Solutions

There are certain things you can do to make your pet feel at ease, such as creating a space that feels “theirs,” as outlined above. You’ll also want to look at giving them oils that help to calm them down, such as cbd. It’s completely safe and effective, providing you know the correct cbd oil dosage for dogs. It’ll help to keep their levels of anxiety to a minimum.

Don’t Overdo The Separation Time

You can’t blame the dog if you’re leaving them alone for eight or more hours every day. A human wouldn’t like to be left by themselves for that long, but at least they’d be able to express how it affects them, and you’d be able to tell them that you’re coming back. You can’t do that with your pet! Try to keep the time you leave your dog in the house alone to a minimum. Going too long just gives them a legitimate reason to be anxious.